Organist/Pianist-Rick Lowe

Rick Lowe has been organist/pianist at WPC since early 1991.  Rick received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), where he played in the pep band at basketball games and studied piano performance with Claire Richards and piano pedagogy with Dr. James Lyke.

Rick’s work experience includes employment as a chemist and a quality assuance technologist in the chemical and private label grocery products industry for over 20 years.

Rick’s musical background includes work as a church musician (pianist, accompanist, choir director and organist), piano instructor, piano and organ accompanist for contests and recitals and adjudicator for local and state piano examinations.  He enjoys teaching piano with people of all ages.

Rick is married and has two children.  His favorite color is green.

Rick is delighted to be able to share his musical gifts with the congregation as they prepare their hearts each Sunday morning to receive the word of God.