Mission Statement

As participants in Wildwood Presbyterian Church’s educational ministry we seek to:

LEARN to connect to God through the stories of our faith.

Teaching each other about God’s gift of freedom and our call to responsibility as revealed to us by our Creator through scripture.

GROW in faith by following Jesus.

Discovering ways to support each other as we strive for greater maturity of faith as revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

LIVE God’s Word through leadership and service.

Challenging each other to enact God’s love in the world as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

CE Registration

Christian Education Registration

Register your children and youth for Children’s Worship, Sunday School, Youth Choirs, and Youth Group, by filling out the online CE Registration Form or by printing and filling out the CE Registration Form.

One form is all you have to fill out for your whole family, just once a year!  This serves as permission to participate, permission to treat in a medical emergency, and provides current information about allergies or medical concerns of which we need to be aware, and the most current contact information so that you can be reached when needed.

All parents are encouraged to fill out at least the medical information part of the form so that we are aware of important information regarding your child. However, registration is not required for participation in any Sunday morning program (Children’s Worship or Sunday School). Registration is recommended for any program at which a parent drops off a child and leaves such as Youth Group so that we have contact information in case of emergency. Registration is required for any youth group trips offsite. If you are bringing a friend to an offsite youth group activity, download the CE Registration Form and have the parent sign it as the permission slip.

Parents are also encouraged to fill out our “Tell Me About Your Child” part of the registration form. This is a convenient way to confidentially communicate to your child’s teachers important information about how your child learns best, what upsets and soothes your child, and any special needs that your child might have. WPC strives to welcome all to learn about God and participate in the life of the church. Let us know what we can do to help!

What Else?

Interested in some of the things we do? Here’s more information about our Milestone Ministry: