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Children's Worship at WPC

Step by step children learn to worship by actually worshiping! They are a joyful and vital part of our church family and we welcome children into the sanctuary to fully participate in the life of our congregation at WPC. Most young children enjoy the music and familiar rhythm of the order of worship, but find it difficult to participate at the adult level for the entire worship hour. That is why we encourage parents to bring young children to the early part of the service and to take them to the appropriate Children's Worship program so that they may continue to listen to God through story and prayer, talk to God through art response and prayer, and offer their thanks and praise.

Sunday School and Youth Group programs take a break over the summer, but Children's Worship is available for our youngest worshippers at both services all summer long! Here are the programs that will be offered at each of the services over the summer.

Available at Early Service: Who? Where?
Nursery/Toddle Time infants and toddlers God's Garden - room 24
Children's Worship preschoolers - 1st grade Noah's Ark- room 23
Available at Late Service: Who? Where?
Nursery/Toddle Time infants and toddlers God's Garden - room 24
Children's Worship preschoolers - 1st grade Noah's Ark - room 23

WHEN CHILDREN ARE TODDLERS, parents are welcome to bring them to the Nursery, which we aptly named ''God's Garden,'' before the worship service starts. This one transition may be best handled ahead of time so that both parent and child can settle in for the worship hour with less interruption. Most parents find it easier on them and their child to leave the child in the nursery, even if there are some tears when the child is left. There is a one-way mirror in the Nursery for parents to observe. With the good quality care and the stimulating environment of the Nursery and the Toddle Time program designed just for little ones, the tears usually end quickly. You may take a pager and the Nursery Supervisor will alert you if you are needed.

Some parents prefer to keep their infant with them during worship, retreating to the cry room, which we affectionately call the ''Joyful Noise'' room, if needed. That's fine, too. Many babies enjoy soaking up the sights, sounds, and joy of worship. Parents are welcome to bring their adventuresome baby to the nursery at any point during the hour.

Parents of toddlers and two year olds might choose to bring them to the nursery for their Toddle Time program before the service starts, if transitions are challenging, or after the Children's Time during the service, if they would enjoy the first part of the service in the sanctuary. They will continue to worship with active playtime! Toddlers need to move and make noise and explore their surroundings. ''Play'' is a child's ''work'' during which they learn so much.

WHEN CHILDREN ARE IN PRESCHOOL - FIRST GRADE, they worship with the congregation for the first part of the service and are then welcomed to the appropriate Children's Worship program for their age group after the Children's Time. These programs provide foundational Bible stories, worship experiences ideally suited for this age, familiarity with the parts and meaning of the worship service and church seasons - a wonderful way to prepare for the transition to congregational worship.

It is important for preschoolers to participate in the early part of the worship service. Preschoolers who attend Sunday school at 9:15 regularly lead the congregation in worship by singing with the Children's Choir. They also participate in the Children's Time with the pastor. Then parents escort preschoolers to their Children's Worship program in Room #23.

For Kindergartners and 1st Graders the beginning portion of the service becomes more enjoyable. With help, these children can participate in much of the service by holding the hymnal, standing with the congregation, finding the page for the Bible reading, following along in the bulletin, and singing with the Children's Choir. Parents then escort Kindergartners and 1st graders to the Children's Worship program in Room #23.

WHEN CHILDREN ARE IN SECOND GRADE AND OLDER, they worship with the congregation for the entire hour. They are encouraged to participate fully in the worship experience, but this can be difficult for some. Feel free to take advantage of the activity notebooks we provide for their use. The activities we provide are intended to help them ''tune in'' rather than ''tune out.'' Many children need to keep their hands busy in order to focus and absorb what is being said, sung, and presented visually. Filled with useful information, prayer activities, bookmarks, pencils and blank paper, they are located in baskets right outside of the sanctuary doors so that it is easy to grab on the way in and drop off on the way out. Children may enjoy illustrating the sermon or the choir anthem, or praying with a colorful doodle.