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Serving Christ With Open Minds, Open Hearts, and Open Hands

WPC Leadership

The Session

Rev. Dr. Erik Holm (Pastor, moderator)
Rev. Jill Paulson (Pastor)
Mark Snavely (Clerk, non-voting)
Juli Beucher (Christian Education Committee)
Joe Dimock (Property and Finance Committee)
Dave Fisel (Property and Finance Committee)
Tim Garrity (Discipleship Committee)
Tom May (Christian Education Committee)
Kristi Metzger (Worship Committee)
Jose Rodriguez (Discipleship Committee)
Tracy Ryan (Stewardship and Mission Committee)
Kim Shimkus (Fellowship Committee)
Janaye Smith (Stewardship and Mission Committee)
Debbie Solbrig (Worship Committee)
Mark Thomas (Personnel Committee)
Linda Westman (Fellowship Committee)
John Wilbur (Personnel Committee)
Kathy Gillmore (CE Director, non-voting)

The Board of Deacons

Moderator: Mike Hilty
Kellie Alvarado (Special Events)
Corey Ames (Secretary/Publicity)
George Beucher, Jr. (Food Pantry)
Josh Bishop (Special Events)
Arden Boersma (Communion)
Robin Daniell (Outreach)
Margaret Gracey (Food Pantry)
Jay Hendrix (Outreach)
Connie Hudgins (Inreach / Wild Forever)
Troy Ioconis (Inreach)
Karen Lovett (Food Pantry)
Glenn Mies (Communion)
Melina Mies (Outreach)
Rob Nordeen (Inreach)
Laura Strom (Prayer Network)
Cheryl Thomas (Outreach)
Vince Zanzucchi (Special Events)