January 2018 Shavings Letter

Hello Wildwood,

As I look back over this past year of life and ministry of WPC I am filled with
gratitude. I am grateful for the myriad ways that people stepped up to serve
each week throughout the year. The list is quite extensive if you stop and think
about it. There are, in no particular order, Sunday school teachers, singers in the
choir, ushers, greeters, PADS volunteers, MOPS mentor moms and Moppetts,
musicians, sound booth support, liturgists, committee members, food distribution
volunteers, bulletin folders, Extracare volunteers, adult mission trip workers,
Wildworks participants, elders, deacons, (can you believe the list continues,
keep reading) Confirmation leaders, meal makers for the Baptist relief groups
we hosted in August, Quilters, Greeting card creators, VBS volunteers, office
support volunteers, garden keepers, Coffee House talent and organizers, youth
mission trip volunteers, Sunday coffee set-up angels, Tiny Treasures board
members, middle school and high school leaders, finance volunteers, Sunday
offering counters and the list goes on. I am sorry if I forgot to mention your
service, but you get the idea. Without each person giving of their time and talent
we would be a lesser place, unable to do and be the church God has called us
to become. A huge thank you to everyone who served in 2017 and helped God’s
kingdom presence be known more and more.

One particular servant furthering the kingdom who deserves
special recognition is Andrew Mott. Andrew has served as our
High School Youth Coordinator for the past 10 years. This past
October, he let Session know that he would be “retiring” from
his position at the end of 2017. Andrew has led our high school
students and leaders through a decade of Sunday night WildFire
gatherings, retreats, service projects, all-night lock-ins (He should
be given sainthood for those), mission trips, fund-raisers and
countless other moments. Over the past year I have seen his
deep love for our students and devotion to their physical, social,
emotional and spiritual well-being. We have been well served
with “Mott” at the helm of our high school ministry.

I hope you will join me in saying thank you to Andrew Mott for his decade of
service both formally and informally. Formally we will show our appreciation at
our annual meeting on Sunday, February 4. More details to follow soon about
how you can be a part of that celebration.

Of course, with Andrew retiring there is a big gap to fill in the role of High School
Youth Coordinator. Thankfully, since Andrew shared his “retirement” plans with
Session a few months ago the personnel committee has been at work looking
for a suitable replacement. I am happy to report they found one in long-time
member and youth advisor Mike Hilty. Mike will start officially as our new Wild
Fire coordinator January 1. We look forward to his leadership with our students.

For all that has been in 2017 thank you. For all that God has in store for 2018
may we say yes!

Pastor Erik

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