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December 2018 Shavings Letter

Dear Wildwood family,

Welcome to Advent! You made it through Thanksgiving and now the build up toward Christmas. As a child I struggled with all the waiting. Presents started showing up under the tree weeks before Christmas, but I had to wait to open them. As an adult I still struggle with the waiting. I want the kingdom to come as Jesus prayed to happen now. I want to see justice and mercy and grace abound. Yet our screens fill up with division and discord. What is the hold-up God? Yet, like Job, I am reminded that I am not God and I have to trust God has this world under control. So I wait as we all do.

As I prepare for the coming of the Christ-child once again I find the following prayer from Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann helpful as he addresses the challenge of waiting.

God of the seasons,
God of the years,
God of the eons,
Alpha and Omega,
before us and after us.
You promise and we wait:
we wait with eager longing,
we wait amid doubt and anxiety,
we wait with patience thin
and then doubt,
and then we take life into our own hands.
We wait because you are the one and the only one.
We wait for your peace and your mercy,
for your justice and your good rule.
Give us your spirit that we may wait
obediently and with discernment,
caringly and without passivity,
trustingly and without cynicism
honestly and without utopianism,
Grant that our wait may be appropriate to your coming
soon and very soon,
soon and not late,
late but not too late.
We wait while the world groans in eager longing.
I hope you will join me in worship throughout this Advent season as we wait together for the coming of the Christ-child once more!

Pastor Erik