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November 2018 Shavings Letter

Dear Wildwood family,

Have you been walking with us on our trip that we began in September? I’m talking about our year-long all church journey through the Bible connected to the book We Make The Road By Walking. We started this venture just after Labor Day and we will continue on this trek all the way through August next year. No worries if you haven’t picked up the book yet. There are copies still available and you are welcome to join in whenever you can. I hope you will jump into the journey with us because our goal is Aliveness! Who doesn’t want that? By way of review, here is a recap from the author of our book, Brian McLaren –

We’ve come a long way in our story already. We’ve discovered…

Creation – God brings into being this beautiful, evolving world of wonders.

Crisis – We step out of the dance and enter into rivalry with God and our fellow creatures, throwing this planet into disarray.

Calling – God calls people to join in a global conspiracy of goodness and blessing, to heal and restore whatever human evil destroys.

Captivity – The people who have joined God’s global conspiracy of goodness experience the horrors of slavery, but God eventually leads them by the wilderness road out of captivity toward freedom. (Taken from the beginning of Chp. 11)

As we move into the month of November our exploration takes us from the Exodus wandering to the challenging texts that include the Conquest of the promised land. Have you ever wondered about Joshua and Jericho? Did the walls really come tumbling down? Were French peas really involved? All that and more will be covered so be sure to join us live as we continue our journey to Aliveness together.

Pastor Erik