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August Shavings Letter

“Continuing the Journey”

With the election to call your new pastor (this article is being written during the
time when we still cannot publicly release his name) on Sunday, July 17, Wildwood
Presbyterian Church prepares to begin a new chapter in its journey of faith. What a
wonderful day July 17 was in WPC’s life! It is obvious that you, the congregation, are
eager to continue to follow our Lord Jesus Christ with new called and installed pastoral
leadership. Please know I am excited for you! It is good to see you not simply grateful
for WPC’s past but also looking forward as a congregation to a God-filled future.

My journey of faith will continue as well. “The only constant in life is change,” declares
a popular truism. An Interim Pastor soon learns this. In fact, the most frequent
question I’ve been asked in the weeks before the congregational meeting, and even
more so now that it has occurred is, “What will you do next, Bill?” The short answer is,
sooner or later, God willing, I will do another interim pastorate. One can never be too
sure, though, about the timing of another such opportunity.

For the time being, I will remain at WPC through the Sunday before Labor Day,
September 4. I will be in touch with your newly elected pastor and will continue to
work with the session, WPC committees, Gregg, Jill, Kathy, and Barb to ensure that
the transition is as smooth as possible. Upon leaving, I will sign the Presbytery of
Chicago’s Covenant of Closure that will officially end my relationship as a pastor with
you. However, since I live in Grayslake, I am sure I will be running into some of you
from time to time in the community. But I can only speak to you if you are wearing a
WPC nametag and have signed the pew pad the Sunday before!!

More seriously, in the midst of my journey together with you I have been inspired by
your faithfulness and impressed by the leadership skills that are prevalent among you.
WPC is a vital and vibrant church. As I contemplate the future of WPC, I am filled
with hope. Your gifts and talents are many and they will be enriched by the pastoral
leadership that your newly elected pastor will bring. He will begin his work at WPC on
Tuesday, September 6, while his first Sunday in the pulpit as WPC’s new pastor will be
September 11. Blessings on him, his family, and all of you! I am deeply grateful for the
myriad ways you have been “church” to me and to so many others!

Grace and peace,