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July Shavings Letter

Summer Sermon Series
Welcoming and Supporting Wildwood Presbyterian’s New Pastor!

Let me begin with the disclaimers. No, you were not asleep during some
congregational meeting when a new Pastor was called! (Maybe you slept during a
sermon, but not a congregational meeting!) A new Pastor has not been called. No, I
don’t have special insider information as to when a new Pastor will be called. Interim
Pastors are ethically bound not to be a part of that process. But I am guessing that with
the Pastor Nominating Committee having publicized that they are now interviewing
candidates and with Wildwood Presbyterian Church being the vital and vibrant church I
know it to be, the day a new Pastor is coming cannot be too, too far off.

With that in mind, let me say the final “developmental task” of the five “developmental
tasks” in the interim process is called: “Preparing for New Pastoral Leadership and a
New Future.” We are there now. By the way, the other four steps which I wrote about
in my April, 2015, “From the Interim Pastor’s Study” article (I’m sure you remember it
well!) are as follows:

• Coming to Terms with the Congregation’s History
• Renewing the Congregation’s Identity
• Facilitating Shifts in Congregational Leadership
• Rethinking and Renewing Denominational Linkages

We worked a lot on those first two steps during our WildFuture meetings last summer.
Those meetings also were designed to collect helpful information for the Pastor
Nominating Committee which was yet to be elected. But primarily they were designed
to help us through those first two developmental tasks. Tasks three and four above
have been ongoing throughout much of the interim process.

So here we are, ready to begin to prepare for new pastoral leadership and a new
future. How do we begin to do that? Being a preacher means that one way I want to
come at this is through preaching! Specifically, off and on for much of this summer
we will be having a sermon series entitled “Welcoming and Supporting WPC’s New
Pastor!” We will specify and publicize this more as the summer schedule becomes
more apparent.

But for now we know that there will be sermons on practicing Christian hospitality as
Jesus exemplified it, speaking and hearing the truth in love when facing differences
of opinion, cultivating a culture of generosity in the church, and doing mission as a
great end of the church. These sermons and perhaps others will help us focus on
welcoming and supporting WPC’s new Pastor. If you’d like to be at your best in this
upcoming, exciting time, please join us in worship when you’re in town this summer!

Grace and peace,