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April Shavings Letter

Eastertide at WPC

At Wildwood Presbyterian Church, we invite you to make Easter and the Sundays that
follow a time of special joy. On Easter Day we discover for ourselves the wonder of
the empty tomb and feel the joy that comes from knowing that God conquers death
through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But Easter is more than just one Sunday. For centuries, the church has celebrated the
season of Eastertide, which consists of 50 days and seven Sundays, including Easter
Day, and ending with the Day of Pentecost. At WPC, during the seven Sundays of
Eastertide we hear the stories of Jesus’ appearances following his resurrection. We
experience the astonishment and joy that his followers felt when he appeared among
them to show them the reality of his new life and to teach them how to live as followers
of a resurrected Lord.

We celebrate this season in festive ways at WPC: by singing the Hallelujah Chorus
and hearing our brass band play, by renewing our baptismal vows, by displaying
special banners outside and in the sanctuary. It is the season we receive our
confirmation class as new members and are led in worship by our youth on Youth
Sunday. This year guest preacher Bryan Sirchio will return (see article in this
Shavings) to emphasize our mission to Haiti and we will sing each Sunday words from
the glorious Easter hymn, “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today.”

Here is the schedule for the weeks of Eastertide:

March 27 – Easter Day – John 20:1-10 (or perhaps Mark 16:1-8) – “He is risen!” – The
empty tomb – All who wish are invited to sing the Hallelujah Chorus

April 3 – 2nd Sunday of Easter – John 20:11-18 – “Woman, why are you weeping?” –
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene – Communion & WPC Renewal of Baptismal Vows

April 10 – 3rd Sunday of Easter – John 20:19-31 – “Do not doubt, believe!” – Jesus
challenges Thomas – Guest clergy Bryan Sirchio preaching – Haiti mission emphasis

April 17 – 4th Sunday of Easter – Good Shepherd Sunday – John 21:15-17 – “Feed my
” – Jesus speaks to Peter (perhaps paired with verses from John 10 – “I am the
good shepherd”)

April 24 – 5th Sunday of Easter – John 21:1-14 – “Come and be fed” – Jesus meets the
disciples on the seashore – WPC Confirmation Sunday

May 1 – 6th Sunday of Easter – Luke 24:13-35 – “Didn’t our hearts burn within us?” –
The road to Emmaus – Communion

May 8 – 7th Sunday of Easter – Matthew 28:16-20 – “I am with you always” – Jesus
gives his followers the Great Commission – WPC Youth Sunday/Mother’s Day

I hope you will join us in worship in this joyful Easter season!

Grace and peace,