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January Pastor’s Shavings Letter

Officer Ordination and Installation

I want to invite you to a special service in the life of Wildwood Presbyterian Church. On
Sunday, January 10, 2016, we will have our annual officer ordination and installation
service. In this service, we will be ordaining and/or installing ruling elders and deacons.
The Presbyterian Church is one of the few denominations, if not the only denomination,
to ordain laypersons to office in the church. Ruling elders-elect and deacons-elect
to be ordained kneel and have hands placed upon their heads by pastors and ruling
elders just as pastors-elect have done at their ordination. Eight of the nine questions
the officers-elect are asked are identical to those asked of pastors at their ordination
and the ninth differs only slightly due to the nature of each office.

In short, officers in the Presbyterian Church are not elected simply to the “board” of a
church. They are not chosen simply to govern the church. It is much more than that.
Presbyterian Church officers are called by God, just as the clergy, to serve Christ in
and through the church. Like pastors, this call from God must be outwardly manifested
in the election of the congregation and the approval and examination of a church
council (for clergy, presbytery, and for elders and deacons, the Session). This call is
not just to lead the congregation, but more importantly, to serve and to follow our Lord
Jesus Christ, that is, to be servant-leaders. This understanding about our lay officers is
one of the great strengths of our denomination.

I hope you can join us January 10 as we set aside the following as officers in our
congregation (* denotes a second term):

Class of 2018
Joe Dimock
June Gleason
Kim Shimkus
Debbie Solbrig*
Mark Thomas

Class of 2016
Mark Taylor*

Class of 2018
Margie Ayers*
Arden Boersma*
Jay Hendrix*
Troy Iaconis*
Laura Strom
Cheryl Thomas

Class of 2016
Hope Hudgins

Also, I want to thank all the officers who are leaving active service for their faithful
leadership, especially in this time of transition, at WPC. They have truly stepped up and
met the challenge:

Deacons: Juli Beucher, Anne Roth, and Brian Snavely
Elders: Sue Ballinger, Paula Edwards, Vicki Erickson, and Lee Piekarz
We are grateful for the gifts each have shared with our church and for the energy,
intelligence, imagination, and love with which they served!

Grace and peace,