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December Shavings Letter

Dear Wildwood Friends,

The gospel of John sums up the grace and mystery of Christmas
with this short but powerful phrase, “And the Word became flesh
and lived among us…” (John 1:14).

This verse affirms that God takes the initiative with us.
That is the deepest meaning of Christmas. The Word comes to us;
God enters human lives and human history; God chooses to be born
and to dwell among us. This shows us that we are loved into life
and kept in life and even in death, by God whose love never stops
seeking us and whose love never ends. In the light of such good
news, all we can do is rejoice and be glad!

In this Advent and Christmas season, may the love of God,
which always seeks us and which never ends, become flesh and
dwell in your life, your family, our church, and our world.
And may you be kept by this love in the new year to come.

Grace and peace,
Bill and the entire WPC Staff