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July 2015 Shavings Letter


“WPC’s Search for a New Pastor Begins!”

Now that I have your attention with this article’s title, perhaps a slight disclaimer is needed.
There are no interviews scheduled with any prospective new Pastors; nor are Personal
Information Forms (resumes) being received from candidates for Pastor; in fact, a Pastor
Nominating Committee has yet to be elected.

However, I can say with complete truthfulness that the search for a new Pastor will
officially begin at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 28. (Though this is a July newsletter, most,
if not all, of you will receive this Shavings before June 28.) That is the date and time of
the first of four meetings being planned by the Wildwood’s Future Task Force (WFTF).
The dates of the other meetings are July 19, August 16, and September 13. These
meetings are crucial to the process of electing WPC’s next Pastor. Would you like a say
in deciding the qualities, gifts, and talents you’d like Wildwood Presbyterian’s next Pastor
to have? If so, then come to as many of these four meetings as possible!

June 28th’s theme is “Claiming Our Heritage.” Why is claiming WPC’s heritage important
to choosing Wildwood’s next Pastor? Well, WPC has a story to tell about its origin,
its struggles and strengths, and its significant contributions to the area and the larger
Church. Just as a person’s past helps shape who he or she is today and how he or she
makes decisions for tomorrow, the same is true for a church. A better understanding of
WPC’s story will help this church better plan for its future.

Both worship services on June 28 will be shortened to 45 minutes (8:00 – 8:45 a.m.
and 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.) so that we will have a full hour beginning at 9:00 a.m. for
this important meeting which will be held in the sanctuary. A list of frequently asked
questions with answers as well as a tentative timetable, both regarding the search
process will be shared.

The emphasis for the day, however, will be on a gigantic pictorial timeline, “Claiming Our
Heritage,” that tracks major events in WPC’s history. You will be asked to participate in
the shaping of this timeline by adding your names and the dates you joined or began
attending WPC, because each of you is a part of WPC’s rich heritage.

A brief word about the meeting on Sunday, July 19: the theme is “Renewing Our Identity.”
We will be exploring in small groups questions designed to focus our attention on what
makes WPC the healthy, vibrant faith community that it is today. How best can this
church live into God’s future for it?

Grace and peace,