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January 2015 Shavings Letter

Dear faith friends,

Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do
a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

– Isaiah 43: 18-19(a)

It is a new year and a new chapter in the life of Wildwood Presbyterian Church. Although
the prospect of new beginnings seems exciting, it can be daunting as well.
Don’t you wish we had a crystal ball to tell us when the interim pastor will arrive? A
name would be helpful too.

Unfortunately, a crystal ball – at least an accurate one – does not exist.
However God does.

This Scripture passage from Isaiah is God’s promise to the people of Israel. God
reminded them of all that had been done for them, most notably their freedom from
slavery. God then promises that the best is yet to be.

What a deal!

All God asks is for followers – then and now – to be perceptive to God’s movement. God
also asks that we not grow weary in faith.
We believe that WPC can do those things – and experience joy (and a few laughs) in the

We’d like to close with New Year’s blessing based on one from Francis Havergal:

What Shall I wish for you, Wildwood friends?
Faith that increases, walking in light;
Hope that abounds, happy and bright;
Love that is perfect, casting out fear;
These shall ensure you a Happy New Year.
Peace in the Savior, rest at Christ’s feet,
The power of his love, majestic and sweet,
Joy in God’s presence. Christ ever near
This will ensure you a Happy New Year!

Gregg and Jill