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December 2014 Pastor’s Letter

Dear faith friends,

One of Greg Bostrom’s favorite quotes comes from the early church father Irenaeus,
who served as a bishop in what is now France in the early 200’s AD. He wrote,
“The glory of God is the human person fully alive.” These words challenge all of us
individually to be “fully alive,” whether we are young, old, male, or female. It is our goal
every day whether we are enjoying stability and successes, or enduring challenges
and uncertainty.

“Fully alive” is also our goal as a congregation as we live through these days in which
we experience all those elements. Our uncertainty is natural in this pastoral transition.
Yet our stability comes from confidence in God’s blessing for 60 years. Our success
comes from all the ways that we faithfully reach in, reach up, and reach out. Our
challenge is to continue to grow in our faith and ministry.

“Fully alive” is not a formula that is the same for everyone. It is not a specific set of
behaviors that are required. As disciples of Jesus, we see him as our example of what
it means to be fully alive. In the pages of the Gospels we discover him embracing his
humanness, cherishing every moment as a gift, teaching the truth about each of us and
all creation, and spending his amazing energy to conquer every kind of death.

Many years ago God’s glory was revealed in human form in Mary and Joseph’s
precious child. Now in the weeks of Advent, as we prepare to celebrate the angels, the
shepherds, the wise men, and the holy birth, let us all seek ways to reveal God’s glory
in our day by being fully alive. Let us joyfully decorate our homes, plan special gifts,
and gather our loved ones close. Let us come together, bringing our faith and energy
to worship on Advent Sunday mornings, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, so that
visitors and friends, everyone who comes to WPC in this holy season, can discover
what it is to be fully alive.

Merry Christmas,
Gregg and Jill