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Easter Thoughts

From the Pastors

Dear faith family,

It seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them (Luke 24). This is the reaction of the apostles to the women’s words on the first Easter: their report of an empty tomb, their story that Jesus was improbably, impossibly alive.

Who can blame the men? Dead bodies stay dead. In the end, life is a predictable affair, with a predictable end. Anything else is just too good to be true – wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky…an idle tale.

There’s no way to prove that this isn’t so. There is only the testimony of Christ-followers through the centuries that the last word is not death, after all; the last word is life, a life that is full and abundant and rich, a life that is connected to the energizing, life-giving power that is found in Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter of Galilee, at once a very human being and our Lord and Savior.

All the things a church does – singing praise, teaching children, reaching out to the hungry and homeless, sharing fellowship, etc. etc. etc. – they’re all grounded in the God who raised Jesus from the dead, the living God who calls us to truly live – now, in this world, as well as in the next.

Easter is not just a day, it’s a season, and so at WPC we’ll be preaching and singing about the new life to which God calls us all through April and May. We’ll be looking into the future with phase one of our capital campaign, and with Youth Sunday (May 9) and confirmation (May 23). We’ll be thinking about a new global mission project and moving into a new staff configuration as Kathy (Bostrom) moves from a half-time position to quarter time. We’ll be planning Bible School and summer camp and mission trips and new opportunities for adults. And if you trace any and all of that back to its roots…you’ll find the resurrection power of God, which calls us into a new future where death has no final power, where life is the last and best gift that God gives us all.

Grace and peace,
Greg and Kathy