Monthly Archives: December 2009

Advent Musings

We are living in an Advent world. With an economy that can at best be described
as uncertain, with wars whose length can only be described as indefinite, in times
that must be described as anxious… the world just may be open to the Advent
message. Just maybe, the words of a prophet, the voice of an angel, the cry of a
newborn child, have a chance to get through.

In an Advent world, people know that the way things are is not the way things
should be. In an Advent world, people are searching for something more, more
than just the return of consumer confidence or a rejuvenated job market, important
as those will be. In an Advent world, people wonder if there really is a Purpose
that comes to us from beyond our own desires, if there really is a Presence that
empowers us to live, if there really is a Love that enfolds us when times are tough.
In an Advent world, people are looking for hope.

When times are tough and people turn to the living God, hope is exactly what
they find. Not easy answers for complex questions, not short-term fixes for deep-rooted
problems, not band-aids for the wounds of the soul… instead they find hope:
the sure and certain promise that God is at work, within us and among us, guiding
paths, strengthening resolve, encouraging justice, lifting burdens, wiping tears,
healing hearts, empowering lives, right up until our last breath when we return to
our eternal home.

We teach our kids that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive,” and in our
consumer culture, celebrating the joy of giving is surely a virtue. But somewhere
in the midst of this Advent, stop…pause… and remember that Christmas is also
about receiving. It’s about receiving the gift that God offers each and every
Christmas, if we will only take it. The gift is hope, and the package has your name
on it. Sometime in this holy season, make sure to open it.

Grace and peace,
Greg and Kathy