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I do believe that yesterday I had a foretaste of the great feast promised by scripture at the end of time (Isaiah 25). One of our seventh grade boys, Austin, has been growing his blond hair for two years for “Locks of Love,” so that a young cancer patient might have a wig made of the real thing. A few weeks back Austin thought that perhaps it might be fun to make an event of the haircutting, and so “The Shearing” was born. One of Austin’s young friends, a fine fellow named Andrew, has a serious genetic illness, and so the day also turned into a “fun-raiser” for FD Now, a foundation that supports research into FD, familial dysautonomia.

Our church was blessed to be the site for the shearing and fun-raising. A small group of kids, ably assisted by parents at the top of their game, planned an assortment of raffles, contests, volleyball, cookies, and lemonade, culminating in an auction for the right to cut some of Austin’s flowing locks. Over $1500 was raised by the good Austin and his committee of kids (it was Isaiah again, wasn’t it, who said, “a little child shall lead them…”).

What made it a foretaste of the great feast, however, was the spirit (perhaps I should say the Spirit) of the event, uniting a rather diverse group of neighbors, friends, and faiths. It was plain to see that for every person present, there was nowhere else on the planet they’d rather be. The rightness of of the cause, the exuberance of the kids, the enthusiasm of the youthfully challenged, the tangible experience of love made it not only a day to remember, but a cause for hope.

Every now and then you get a glimpse of why it is that God hasn’t given up on us yet.

Grace and peace to you and yours…Greg

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