Monthly Archives: July 2007


As pastors, we do a lot of writing and public speaking, but a blog seems different than the usual arena. It’s not a sermon, though one hopes faith will regularly inform what is said here. Nor is it the “from the pastors” feature in the newsletter, which always seems to defy description. Instead it’s an outlet for thoughts, reflections, ruminations on both the church and the world beyond church, sometimes a timely response to events out there and at other times a less obviously urgent reflection on life “in here.”

So….I’ll begin with what’s absorbed much of my time in recent months….recent years…the recent decade: a new building for Wildwood Presbyterian Church. Obviously, the church is not a building; as a child I recall singing Avery and Marsh’s “I am the church; you are the church; we are the church together! All who follow Jesus, all around the world, yes we’re the church together!” and of course it’s true.

Yet a church building does embody the beliefs and priorities of a particular people of God. I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, “we shape our buildings, and then they shape us.” That is already happening in our new church home as the architecture enables fellowship time after worship (on Sunday mornings, at a wedding, and after a funeral) as we’ve never been able to experience it before. People stop for a cup of coffee and stay to catch up or get connected. It’s been fun to see the hopes of our design team fulfilled in the seven weeks since Old Gages Lake Road has become our home.

Speaking of Old Gages Lake Road….we now own the longest address of any congregation in the Mississippi River basin: 18630 W. Old Gages Lake Road, Grayslake, Illinois. It may not be the longest, but it certainly seems that way. We’d like to shorten it, but it turns out the West allows Mapquest to exactly identify our location, so West it is. And while I’m addressing this matter…technically, we’re no longer in Wildwood but in Gages Lake, Illinois. Since neither Wildwood nor Gages Lake actually show up on maps, we’re now using Grayslake as our mailing address to communicate to newcomers where to find our church….even though we’re actually on the border between Grayslake and Gurnee, or at least their greater metropolitan areas. So much for geography, and so much for this beginning of a blog.

Grace and peace to you and yours… Greg